Launch of Pilot Cutter Pellew – 29th February 2020

Happy 2020!! The yard has reopened today after the Christmas and New year break and everyone in the yard is working hard towards the next exciting step in Pellew’s journey – Launch day!

Saturday 29th February 2020.
Approximately 9am in the morning at High water

Due to the size of the crane that we have to lift the boat out of the shed and into the water the yard will be closed and there will be no access to the boat. It will take approximately 5 days to construct the crane before launch day.

This is the next step in her journey. Once she is in the water we need to load 18 tonnes of ballast onto the boat and rig her, as the mast will not be in the boat and complete seas trials before she starts her sailing season in May. 

How to watch the launch of the boat

  1. If you are planning to watch in person: We would suggest watching from the other side of the river. See here on Google Maps
  2. If you want to watch from your arm chair/online. We will be on Facebook Live as much as we can through out the morning of the launch. It will be great way to see the what is going on and be in the thick of it. Follow us on Facebook

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