We are now National Historic Ships Ship Shape Heritage Training Partners.

We are excited to announce that this summer we will be welcoming Jess Clay, National historic Ships “Shipshape” trainee onto Pellew as the deckhand. This fantastic scheme perfectly compliment one of the main aims of the Falmouth Pilot Cutter CIC which is to nurture and train young people in the art of shipbuilding and the sailing of traditional vessels, and create a new generation with skills and knowledge of the seas.

Jess is thoroughly passionate about sailing and wooden boats in particular. Having sailed tall ships Morgenster two years ago she has passionately pursued sailing since then. Jess is writing a blog about her time in the ship shape program which are well worth a read. Read her blog here.

Welcome to the team Jess!

Launch of Pilot Cutter Pellew – 29th February 2020

Happy 2020!! The yard has reopened today after the Christmas and New year break and everyone in the yard is working hard towards the next exciting step in Pellew’s journey – Launch day!

Saturday 29th February 2020.
Approximately 9am in the morning at High water

Due to the size of the crane that we have to lift the boat out of the shed and into the water the yard will be closed and there will be no access to the boat. It will take approximately 5 days to construct the crane before launch day.

This is the next step in her journey. Once she is in the water we need to load 18 tonnes of ballast onto the boat and rig her, as the mast will not be in the boat and complete seas trials before she starts her sailing season in May. 

How to watch the launch of the boat

  1. If you are planning to watch in person: We would suggest watching from the other side of the river. See here on Google Maps
  2. If you want to watch from your arm chair/online. We will be on Facebook Live as much as we can through out the morning of the launch. It will be great way to see the what is going on and be in the thick of it. Follow us on Facebook

New Year in the Yard

Luke and the team were back to it last week after a well earned break for Christmas and New Year. 2018 sees us welcoming a 4th trainee, Katey, to the team and despite the horrible winter weather work began again at pace.

Hull planking was almost finished before Christmas- just the shutter plank to put in – so while some of the team riveting the beam self and dropping in the half beams, the others fairing and plugging the hull. One the hull is faired and plugged there are 26 runs of 65ft on each side to be caulked with 80kg of oakhum.

Luke took delivery of 2 61 ft trees at the yard on Thursday – one for the main mast and the other to be cut for a bowsprit, floor boards and bulwark planking. Another slightly smaller tree, 51ft, has gone off to be sawn up for the spars- boom, gaff and topmast. To get trees of this length from Gunners lake at the top of the Tamar a special lorry with a driver with a lot of patience and a police escort was required.

More photos and video can be found on our Facebook page –